The Strange Merman of Banff: Legendary Lake Monster or Just a Trading Post Treasure?

As an analyst of surprising verifiable peculiarities, I examine odd stories, however I had no goal of doing as such in Alberta, Canada. By the by, I went over something genuinely odd in the little get-away town of Banff.

I halted into a catcher’s store called the Banff Indian Trader Shop. In the back was a glass case that housed an unusual looking mummy, one that should have had a place with a merman. Simply taking a gander at it, it was clearly phony: different creature parts generally consolidated to make an animal that probably doesn’t exist.

A Merman in Lake Superior?

Nonetheless, in a similar case was an article entitled A Merman in Lake Superior that had been printed at first in the Canadian Magazine and Literary Repository in 1824, and a story credited to a Stoney Nakoda named Enoch Baptiste, which was interpreted by Horace Holloway in 1954.


Clarifications for the Legend of the Merman

Clearly a bizarre story, there is no data accessible in regards to whether or not this story is even real, assuming it is truth be told a Native American legend. Expecting that it is, we need to check out the components of the story to go out on a limb with respect to why it was made. The primary chance is an improbable one: that there really was an animal seen in the lake. Another is significantly more conceivable: the mountain close to the lake and the actual lake were viewed as sacred areas, places called Spirit Mountain and Spirit Water, yet as per the Stoney Nakoda legend, the native occupants feared the area and kept away from it; just the intruders regularly visited the area. The legend of an otherworldly animal may have been made to get pioneers far from an apparent numinous area.


A Bizarre Composite Creature

The merman is obviously a composite animal. With a chest area that was reasonable created from some obscure substance to take after a ribcage and tissue, and a layered lower body that is plainly produced using somewhere around one assortment of fish, it additionally has short, hide like, silver hair on his head, arms, and waist. I wouldn’t say that it was cunningly finished. Notwithstanding, it keeps on bringing inquisitive guests into the back room of the neighborhood dealer’s shop. All things considered, in spite of the way that the animal’s creation as a client magnet is the most probable clarification in regards to its starting point, there are unanswered inquiries.


The other archive for the situation (A Merman in Lake Superior) makes reference to the conceivable presence of numerous surprising animals that observes guarantee to have seen. Posing the inquiry, “Does it exist?” its creator adventures a reaction:

“It’s in effect only from time to time seen, and yet mostly secret, is no contention against it; for albeit the fervent soul for examination has, in last option ages, made numerous revelations, these have simply served to the more firm foundation of the way that ‘heaps of creatures have this world inconspicuous to mortal eye.’ over his hunt after the secret things of this world, the farther man continues, the more broadly broadened a field for his examination opens to his view; and however a short advancement on the course will force him to admit that there are a bigger number of things in this world than are longed for in our way of thinking.”


As such, an assortment of impossible animals may really exist, in spite of the way that they are only from time to time seen.

Today, the merman of Banff appears on sites, including that run by the Banff Indian Trading Post, and he even appears to have his own Twitter account (btpmerman), where his self-presentation peruses: “I am Herman the Merman. I appreciate pleasant swims in the lake at nightfall and shopping at the Banff Indian Trading Post.”

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