The grave of the beauty gives off a fragrance, 200 years does not rot: Is Ham Huong in the legend?

The mystery of this tomb has made many people suspect that this may be the legendary Ham Huong’s grave.

In the famous movie Hoan Chau Cach Cach, in addition to the main characters, Ham Huong is also one of the most mentioned characters. Ham Huong in the film is a beauty from Hoi Cuong (Xinjiang, China), not only possesses the beauty of the heavenly perfume, but also has a strange feature, that is, the body always gives off a fragrance. sweet like a flower. Every time she dances, hundreds of butterflies will fly around her. So Ham Huong is real in real life or not?

On March 23, 2001, a group of workers were constructing a community project in Nangshan district, Suzhou city, Anhui province, China, when they suddenly unearthed a coffin. This coffin was located in an ancient tomb more than 4 meters deep, so the team of workers quickly reported it to the local authorities and archaeologists to check.


The character Ham Huong in the movie.

When the archaeologists arrived and opened this coffin, they were surprised to find that it gave off a sweet aroma, not the smell of rotting corpses. The special aroma emanating from this coffin could be smelled from a radius of several hundred meters.

What is more surprising is that the woman’s body lying in the coffin is extremely well preserved, seemingly recently buried. This woman has black hair in a bun, white skin, full body. Regular and elastic, joints can still be stretched, and even drugs can be injected into the muscles. Such an intact mummy is rarely found in Anhui province in particular and even in the entire archaeological history of China in general.

“She looks very beautiful. When opening the coffin, everyone looks like a young girl sleeping, the skin still has a certain elasticity to the touch,” said expert Vuong Thieu Cuong of the archaeological team.



The ancient tomb was found in 2001.

In addition, the woman’s body is 164 cm long, weighs 44 kg, has a well-proportioned body, slender figure, oval face, fingernails and toenails are painted red. Experts determined that the woman was dead. died and was buried when he was about 30 years old.

Through the clothes this woman wears, archaeologists believe that this is a tomb dating back to the Qing Dynasty, dating back more than 200 years. Along with the sweet scent emanating from the coffin, many people have questioned whether this is the tomb of the legendary Ham Huong?

Through the costumes, burial methods, and precious objects in this ancient tomb, experts believe that this woman was once a beauty with a leaning beauty and a noble, famous person. taste is not ordinary. However, whether this is Ham Huong’s grave or not, it takes a lot of research to come to a conclusion.


The woman’s body is still intact.

There is a widely believed theory that the character Ham Huong in the film was modeled after Dung concubine, a concubine loved by Emperor Qian Long. Consort Dung came from the Hoa Trac aristocratic family, belonging to the Uyghur ethnic group, originating from Xinjiang, and was married to the Qianlong king for political purposes. Dung Phi possesses delicate beauty and singing talent, so she is deeply loved by the emperor, and the details of her body exuding scent are just fiction.

However, when carefully studying the woman’s body in the ancient tomb, experts confirmed that this was not Dung Phi. There was a deep T-shaped cut on the body, possibly caused by a sword. This is the only wound on the body, showing that when the sword cut in the neck, this woman did not protest. Perhaps she committed a terrible crime and should have to die. Meanwhile, history books record Dung Phi died at the age of 54 due to illness. This does not match the age of the body.






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