The Anunnaki are returning, the Sumerians are gone, the angels have fallen

There are several versions of Anunnakis’ true origins. Muchos piensan que estos fueron the fallen angels who created the raza of the nephilim giants. Other piensans were used by the judges of the underworld. They are returning to Anun

Others assert and support the idea that the anunakis are a Sumerian people inhabiting Planet Nibiru. The same planet has an elliptical orbit similar to a comet, inhabited by a powerful civilization called the Annunaki. The people in their visit to the land that created the human race. In addition, it is believed that they know all the planets that exist today, and dominate the solar system. This is what I said by science writer and author Zecharia Sitchin. As well as other famous scientists have confirmed it.

Return of the Anunnaki to the land or representation of Dios

Where is the sky and to the land to interact with the people of ancient times? If there were no embargo on Sumerian mythology, it is said that these are anunnaki. Yes, your planet is faulty. The dramatic drops are thought to have left Earth in the distant past, saying they will one day return. Surprisingly, while they are missing, it is said that they rule humanity under leftovers. Others believe that the world is ruled, not by anunnakis. If not the King of the Tinieblas.


If we look at the ancient civilizations all over the planet, as far as the Creator’s Propensities are concerned. It is said that they left the land and promised to return one day, in the same way as those who came for the first time. As is also stated in the Bible.

But the question is why do they need to go back? Do you owe us something? What if they want to take control of the land again? This is where the story of the Anunnaki takes place suddenly, to the point where they can get dizzy. If you are sure that the Anunnakis created the human race and they did not hicieron for love. So if, hicieron is right because they need us to work for them. So they created us on the basis of their experiments so that we could become their slaves. Therefore, if this theory is correct. It all boils down to what they come to see how their cause has evolved. However, religions and followers believe that his return will cause the seventh seal, the seal of bestia, to be opened. As it is written in the Bible

Travel to the past Mitico. What are the Anunnaki, are they of Fallen Angels oh the makers of people

According to some researchers and writers; The Anunnaki tienen return to the land to fix what happened, or finish what remains unfinished. It is to decide, to obtain success, and in this case, to hasten spiritual awakening and the evolution of human consciousness.


If from this last point of view las cosas son ciertas; So the Anunnaki in the Fallen Angel and much less are the Nephilim giants in the ecclesiastical version, but they are the true creators and benefactors of humanity.


Why do some use the completely negative meaning of this term against it. But what is the truth behind these strange speculations? Are some people trying to reverse the terms and lure us into something that’s not right, it’s better to say it’s because of their beliefs? Strange things! However, after NASA and Pentagon filtering, Anunnaki’s return is near. But how do you know if you’re right? Recently, a star was witnessed in solid ground in a place where it was thought not to be. Others believe that the star is called Beltegeuse, the same thing that represents one of the stars but is known from our sky and forms part of the constellation Orion. Others have seen a mysterious light in the form of a circumference in the sky, which has caused a revolution in many parts of the world. They came to the conclusion that they could be anunnaki, and that they were very close to us and always watched over us.

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