Rare medieval armor discovered in Ireland

A local resident in County Longford, Ireland, recently found a piece of armor and preserved it in his barn, the history of which can be traced back to at least 800 years ago during the medieval period in Europe.

The armor in the warehouse.

Darcy (Bartle D’Arcy) is the general manager of Granard Knights & Conquests, a heritage center in Longford. In mid-August, he was carrying a replica of his armor when he was going out when suddenly a few locals came up and said there was an item in their warehouse that was very similar to the one he was carrying.


Darcy told the Epoch Times: “I was wearing a hooded armor at the time, and when some locals in Longford approached me and said they had armor like this in the warehouse, too. of them, I was surprised.”

Three days later, they took the armor and introduced that the armor was discovered when an excavator was used to drain water two years ago, it has been kept in a crate ever since.

Understandably, long armor or “armor” is a type of metal armor used in ancient wars, it is like a long coat and covers the outside of clothes. The vest has a large protection area, is light and flexible. It has a certain defensive function against sharp weapons such as swords, spears and bows fired from long distances, especially providing the best protection against attacks from sharp weapons (such as sword).

What do people say?

“At first we thought we were just getting a few shards, but I didn’t expect it to be a complete armor,” Darcy said in a statement.

Déirdre Orme, education officer for the heritage center, said that the armor is believed to date back to around 1172 AD, when the Normans invaded Longford and linked it to Norman horseman Richard De Tuite, who built a wooden castle on Granard Motte in 1199 AD.


Darcy added: “We think it has something to do with this castle, because the armor is very expensive.”

“Because it is a historic site, belonging to the country of Ireland, it is now housed in the National Museum of Ireland.”

Rolf Hammer, a Danish archer and medieval weapons expert who ‘relives history’ of the Granard Knights & Conquests Heritage Centre. Upon inspection, he found no pincer marks or cuts on the armor, meaning that its casting date was even earlier than the time of the Norman invasion.

Darcy told the Epoch Times: “Its history may be longer than that of the Norman period, as it was discovered near Ring Fort (mainly settlements built in the Bronze Age years ago). 1,000 years).

Darcy says that this armor is not found in Granard Town or Granard Castle, but somewhere ‘nearby’. The discoverer of this armor is also protected.

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