Four thousand-year-old remains buried with a yellow hat

Archaeological Institute, belonging to the Russian Academy of Sciences, said it had discovered a catacomb containing three women and a girl aged 12-13 years old at the Devitsa V graveyard, southwestern Russia.

The women were Scythians , nomads and warriors from the Eurasian steppe in southern Siberia today. In the past, their influence spread throughout Central Asia and from China to the Black Sea.four-thousand-year-old-remains-buried-with-a-yellow-hat-1-

Guliaev experts emphasized, this finding is extremely unique. Earlier, archaeologists had found similar hats, but often they were damaged over time.

In addition to four sets of remains, the team also unearthed many artifacts such as an iron hook, saddle pieces, pots, jars, knives, animal bones and more than 30 arrowheads


They also discovered a thief’s path to the north of the tomb, most likely to be dug after the tomb was built 100-200 years.

The new findings help experts understand more about Scythian women and their role in the tribe. According to Adrienne Mayor, historian at Stanford University, about one-third of Scythian women are buried with weapons and wounds from battles.


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