Five ancient Viking houses in Norway have been found by archaeologists

Archaeologists in the process of using ground-penetrating radar have discovered 5 greenhouses in Østfold county, Norway. One of the old buildings is about 60 meters (197 feet) long and it becomes one of the largest ancient buildings in Scandinavia.

Discovered 5 ancient Viking houses.

In the process of using ground-penetrating radar, archaeologists have found 5 ancient houses. Five ancient Viking houses have been found at the Gjellestad archaeological site, where the same team discovered a Viking ship in 2018.


Dr Lars Gustavsen, an archaeologist at the Norwegian Institute of Cultural Heritage, said: “We have found a number of buildings, all of which are typical old houses of the Iron Age, north of the Gjellestad ship.

“The most striking discovery was a house 60 m (197 feet) long and 15 m (49 feet) wide, a size that makes it one of the largest houses we know of in Scandinavia.


He added: “To get these results as a starting point, I have more than I could ask for.

What do archaeologists say?

According to archaeologists, four other buildings in Gjellestad ranged in length from 15 to 30 m (49-98 feet) and 13 m (43 feet) wide.

They also found some plowed mounds in the fields north of the Gjellestad farm.


Dr Gustavsen said: “We were not surprised to find these burial mounds, as we already knew there were several others in the surrounding area.

“However, these are important things to know to get a more complete picture of Gjellestad and its surroundings.”

The Gjellestad greenhouses were discovered as part of the Viking Nativity: Gjellestad Across Boar research project.

Dr Sigrid Mannsåker Gundersen, an archaeologist in Viken County, said: “We don’t know how old these houses are and what function they have.

“Archaeological excavations and dating will help us answer this.”

Dr Gustavsen added: “The find of these longhouses confirms that Gjellestad was a central site during the Late Iron Age.

“Our hope is that within the coming years we will understand the relationship between the ship, the buildings and the proliferation of central locations much better.”

The ancient houses were identified as belonging to the ancient Vikings. Vikings is a name used to refer to explorers, merchants, warriors, pirates from the Scandinavian peninsula (the territory of the countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland in the Nordic region today. present) in the late stone age.

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