Archaeologists Unearthed the Tomb of a Giant wᴀʀʀιoʀ, Horses and a Witch in Germany

Near a cemetery in Theiben, a small village in Germany an incredible discovery was made. Two bodies were discovered next to one another with one being of a giant and the other being of a young woman believed to be a witch.

According to experts, these all date back to the Merovingian era which lasted from the fifth to the eighth century and this might very well be proof of Giants and witches living in ancient times.


First and foremost let’s address the Giant. He was 7 feet tall, which might not sound like much at the time but most people were 4 feet or so around that time so he’d be absolutely towering over anyone else.

A sword was discovered next to his body which signifies the fact that he was a warrior, most likely the leader of his tribe. He was clearly either defending the lady next to him or he was making sure she doesn’t escape.


She on the other hand was tied up and had an iron bar in her chest which is a clear sign that she was believed to be a witch at the time. She was believed to be 18 years old and she was buried with her face down.


Three horses’ skeletons were also discovered at the door, which was very common for ancient civilizations to do. They would kill the horses so the dead could ride them into the afterlife.

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