Ancient Sumerians and Mesopotamians – Forgotten Civilizations Found in the Middle of Nowhere

The number of historic places on our world that most people have never heard of or seen is astounding. When we think of ancient civilizations that have gone, most of us think of archaeological remnants like Egypt’s Pyramids or possibly the Great Sphinx.


As examples of circular stone constructions, Stonehenge and Salisbury Plain in England spring to mind. Machu Picchu and Peru’s Sacsayhuaman Wall are two examples of ancient South American ruins.

Not to mention the ancient Aztec and Mayan empires and Mesoamerican pyramids. Those who are better knowledgeable in Lost Ancient Civilizations, or who just wish to learn more about it, should continue reading.

Other, lesser-known ancient archaeological locations may spring to mind for them.

For example, the world’s oldest Megalithic structure, the 12,000-year-old Gobekli Tepe site in Turkey, remains a complete mystery. While most people are familiar with some of the sites I just described, others, such as the ones I’ll be discussing in this video, are nearly unknown to the general public.


These findings will undoubtedly make you reflect on how little we know about our past history, and, more importantly, how much remains to be discovered – both in general and in our own lives. Let me start with a situation that you may have heard about last week in the news.


Ancient remains discovered in Mosul, Iraq, that had been concealed and undiscovered for at least 3.400 years.

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